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Georgia Lottery Debuts 'Decades of Dollars' Game | Sports & Recreation

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Georgia Lottery Debuts 'Decades of Dollars' Game
Georgia Lottery Debuts 'Decades of Dollars' Game

ATLANTA -- The Georgia Lottery is introducing a multi-state game with the opportunity to win millions.

Decades of Dollars is a new game with a top prize of $250,000 every year for 30 years.

"We constantly are looking for ways to keep our games fresh and exciting for players as we work to maximize revenues for the educational programs we fund," said Georgia Lottery Corporation president and CEO Margaret DeFrancisco. "The additional revenue generated by Decades of Dollars will benefit Georgia's HOPE Scholarship and Pre-K students."

Decades of Dollars tickets went on sale Sunday, Jan. 30, with the first drawing scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 3. Drawings will be held every Monday and Thursday at 11:00 p.m.; they will be broadcast live on Georgia Lottery draw stations throughout the state.

Tickets are $2 per play.

To play Decades of Dollars, select six of 47 numbers. Win the top prize by matching all six numbers drawn.

The game offers four additional prizes ranging from $2 to $10,000.

The top prize of $250,000 a year for 30 years is guaranteed. If a winner passes away before all annuity payments are made, the remaining money will be transferred to a beneficiary.

Decades of Dollars winners may also select a $4 million cash option.

The overall odds of winning any prize are approximately one in 6.2. Odds of winning the top prize are about one in 10.7 million.

Any Georgia Lottery retailer selling a top prize ticket will receive a $5,000 retailer bonus.

Decades of Dollars is a multi-state game played in Georgia, Kentucky and Virginia.

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