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Fulton County election performance called 'horrible', 'a debacle'

ATLANTA -- Fulton County's Elections department came under more criticism Wednesday for numerous voting problems during early voting and Tuesday's general election.

"Horrible," is how Elizabeth Poythress described it.

As President of the GA League of Women Voters, she told 11Alive News that Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp described it best by calling it "a debacle".

Kemp said Fulton was the only one of 159 Georgia counties that generated numerous voter complaints to his office.

Those complaints were about long lines, broken or not enough machinery, too few or poorly trained poll workers and thousands of voters who were registered, but who were still given provisional ballots when poll workers couldn't find them on their records.

Even most critics are sympathetic to Interim Fulton County Elections Director Sharon Mitchell who took over the office just 6 weeks ago.

Fulton County State Representative Race Results

ATLANTA -- 11Alive News has compiled a list of results from your local state representative races.

State investigating Fulton County voting problems

ATLANTA -- Officials with the Georgia Secretary of State's office are investigating election complaints in Fulton County that included long lines, excessive provisional ballot requests, staffing problems and broken machines on election day.

Early Wednesday, Fulton was the only county in Georgia that had not reported complete vote counts to the state. The Secretary of State's website showed Fulton County did not have complete election day reports for any of its 352 precincts.

"I think fundamental change needs to be on the table," said Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp. "It makes you wonder what's so broken that we cannot get it fixed."

U.S. Representative race results by district

ATLANTA -- While all eyes were on the presidential election Tuesday, a number of key congressional seats were on the line as well. 

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In metro Atlanta, incumbents kept every U.S. House seat they already held.

Fulton County Election Results

(WXIA) - 11Alive News has complied a list of results from your local elections in Fulton County.

Terry Jackson (I) D - 100.00%

District Attorney, Atlanta Circuit

Paul Howard (I) D - 100.00%

Superior Court Clerk

C. Robinson (I) D - 100.00%

So what do those ballot amendments really mean?

So what do those ballot amendments really mean?

ATLANTA -- As usual, Georgia voters are being confronted with some Constitutional Amendments on this year's General Election ballot.

And, as usual, many aren't sure what they mean.

Here's a simple explainer for you.

AMENDMENT ONE: "Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended to allow state or local approval of public charter schools upon the request of local communities?"


If so, you're not alone.

As we reported a few days ago, 11Alive's exclusive Survey-USA opinion poll found that one-third of voters surveyed still weren't sure how they'll vote.

Here's what it means in a nutshell.

Who should control the creation of charter schools in Georgia?

It's not about whether you like charter schools, but who gets to approve them.

Right now that decision is up to individual local school boards.

Can Fulton County handle the big election?

ATLANTA - The Fulton County Elections Office has been in turmoil the past few months, so it's no wonder some are worried if they'll be able to handle Tuesday's big election.

They claim they've ironed out most of their problems, but Georgia's Secretary of State told 11Alive he'll be watching to make sure.

During last summer's Primary Election, hundreds of Fulton county voters ended up at the wrong precincts thanks to incorrect registration cards.

Even before the primary, scores of senior citizens in a high rise were told they'd been purged from voter rolls because the county wrongly thought their address was a vacant lot.

Elections Director Samuel Westmoreland, already in hot water over those and other problems, was forced to resign in September after he ended up in jail from some old DUI cases.

Sharon Mitchell was appointed Interim Director to try and sort out the mess.