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Meal in $20: Best Burgers in town | Restaurants

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Meal in $20: Best Burgers in town
Meal in $20: Best Burgers in town

ATLANTA – It’s safe to say that the status of Best Burger in Atlanta is relative. The classic signature burger at Murphy’s in Virginia Highland is served with avocado mayo, cheese and bacon and the signature burger at newcomer restaurant, Grindhouse Killer Burgers is topped with American cheese, grilled onions and Grindhouse sauce; both burgers are pretty delicious and represent the flavor of Atlanta burgers but neither is considered to be the best.

In fact, the “best” burger in town is in such demand that people actually line up to taste it and some run the risk of being chastised if they don’t follow the “rules” of the burger shop.

The “perfect” burger can contain a number of ingredients depending on who you ask. Some people like ketchup and mustard others like mayo and cheese. However, the best thing about Atlanta burger eateries is that they offer something for everyone.

Ann’s Snack Bar wears the crown for “Best Burger in Town." Guests line up outside of Ms. Ann's snack bar, which only allows in seven diners at a time, and abide by her stern rules to avoid embarassment or tension with the "old-school" owener. The second place for "Best Burger" is Holeman & Finch Public House, the restaurant only makes a limited amount of their famed ten o'oclock burger and once their gone, they're gone.

However, to be fair, the burgers that aren’t considered “the best in town” are actually pretty good.

Here are a few to check out:

Popular Richard Blais concept restaurant, FLIP Burger Boutique, serves a Classic Beef Burger which is crafted with a 5.5 oz FLIP patty, bib lettuce, onions tomato, ketchup and bread and butter pickles. The burger is served with FLIP’s take on onion rings, the Vodka Battered Onion, which are served with beer mustard. FLIP makes the bread and butter pickles, in house, along with the FLIP patties which are made with hanger steak, brisket and beef short ribs.

PHOTO GALLERY: FLIP Burger Boutique in $20

Café 640 in the Virginia Highland neighborhood is known for their Veggie Burger, which is served with house chips. The Veggie Burger is homemade with chickpeas and herbs; the burger prides itself on not containing fillers. The patty is served on a grilled sesame bun and is crusted with Panko bread crumbs. The restaurant’s house chips are hand cut Sweet and Idaho potatoes. This burger costs about $8.00

PHOTO GALLERY: Café 640 in $20

Atlanta newcomer, Smashburger features the “Atlanta Burger” as its signature ground beef sandwhich. The burger is composed of one “smash” patty made of 100% certified Angus beef and topped with pimento cheese, a signature peach BBQ sauce, grilled jalapeno peppers and a house-made Vidalia onion slaw. This Smashburger will set up back about $6.00.

PHOTO GALLERY: Smashburger in $20

Murphy’s Restaurant, which started as a delicatessen, in the Virginia Highland neighborhood serves one of the most recognizable and classic burgers in the Atlanta area, the Murphy’s Burger. The burger is a handcrafted, all-beef patty topped with avocado mayo, swiss and bacon. Many people think it’s one of the best burgers in town and others think it’s just plain good. Either way, it comes served with a side of fries or a green salad for $12.00

PHOTO GALLERY: Murphy’s in $20

Grindhouse Killer Burgers offers an array of different burgers and with each burger diners can choose if they want a single or double pattie sandwich. The restaurant offers burgers like the Grindhouse Style burger, Euro Style burger, Hillbilly Style and Gringo Style. However, guests can also select their toppings and create custom burgers with beef, turkey and or veggie patties.

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Check out these couple of restaurants and enjoy making your own decision. 


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