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DINNERS ON A DIME: Local Pizzerias | Restaurants

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DINNERS ON A DIME: Local Pizzerias
DINNERS ON A DIME: Local Pizzerias

ATLANTA -- This week, Dinners on a Dime features the best in local pizzerias. Every Tuesday Where U Live chooses four favorite eats in your area for you to take your family and friends for a fabulous meal for a price that’s economically feasible in today’s economy.

Rated the top pizzeria in Atlanta, Antico Pizza Napoletana, has acquired a number of awards over the past five years. The owner of Antico was inspired to create his own pizza shop during a visit to his grandparent’s village outside of Naples Italy about five years ago. The restaurant is known for making true artisan pizza that requires a certain deliberate approach toward their actual crafting. The pizzas range from $18 to $22. The restaurant is located at 1093 Hemphill Avenue in Atlanta.

Elwood’s Pizza is known as the “best pizza in Brookhaven” the sauce and the crust is perfection according to some. The pizzeria is, also, known for their amazing sauces and brews; and their white pizza, which is described as “divine”. The restaurant is full of hipsters and alternative types so bring your cool and leave your judgment at the door. Elwood’s is located at 3883 Peachtree Road in Atlanta.

The self-proclaimed neighborhood pizzeria, Galla’s Pizza, Wings, Subs and More, has two locations around the Atlanta area. The restaurant is known for their “Buffalo Style” pizza still uses that style of pie making. The pizza, exclusive to Buffalo New York is a light and airy, yet crispy pie. The pizzas are offered in 14” and 16” pies.

Fellini’s Pizza is, in a way, the cool destination to go for pizza. The pizzas are styled after New York style pizza and guests brag that the ingredients are always fresh. Fellini’s has a number of locations in the Atlanta area and each of them, have a different feel.  Most are pretty trendy spots however, other have more of a family feel. Most menu items are pretty affordable.

Slice, the popular Castleberry pizzeria now has two locations. The restaurant has expanded itself into the Downtown neighborhood. The restaurant offers classic Italian fare in a trendy setting. On the weekends, the Castleberry location heats up with a live DJ and party goers dancing all around. And during the week, the Downtown location offers up a comfy environment for students and members of the neighborhood.

The popular sports bar and pizzeria, Elbow Room, is located in the heart of Buckhead and is serving up sports, cold brews and NY Style pizzas. The restaurant is known for its white pizza, sub sandwiches and tons of bar food. The restaurant is a neighborhood mainstay and is a favorite amongst Atlantans. The restaurant is located at 248 Pharr Road.

Fritti, located in Historic Inman Park, is home to a number of “real” pizza shops. This shop along with Antico Pizza is certified by the Verace pizza Napoletana Americas. The restaurant serves authentic Neapolitan-style pizza. The restaurant is housed in a re-fashioned garage and includes an outdoor patio and indoor dining space for private events. The restaurant is located at 309 North Highland Avenue in Atlanta.

Neighborhood pizza shop, Johnny’s New York Style Pizza, has a neighborhood feel and is everyone’s favorite. The restaurant has stores in most of the southeastern states, the shop is known for their amazing subs and handcrafted fresh slices of pizza. The shop gets an A+ for it’s coziness and the regulars make you feel at home. The original Johnny’s is located at 1810 Cheshire Bridge Road in Atlanta.

Located in a nook off of Lennox Road, Pizzeria Venti, claims to use “only the freshest of ingredients”. The pizzeria prides itself on being a trans-fat free zone. In addition to pizza, the restaurant serves classic Italian fare and stuffed pies. The restaurant has locations in a number of cities across the United States.


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