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3 Ga. Tech Students win job interviews with top Atlanta technology company | Business

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3 Ga. Tech Students win job interviews with top Atlanta technology company
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3 Ga. Tech Students win job interviews with top Atlanta technology company

ATLANTA -- Cardlytics, an Atlanta-based advertising and technology company, took talent recruitment to a new and exciting level this week with the first-ever Cardlytics Software Engineering Competition at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Nicola De Franceschi, a Georgia Tech graduate student from Italy, won the competition and was named IronCoder 2013, taking home a cash prize of $2,000 and, more importantly, securing an interview with the company.

Albert Shaw, a freshman from Johns Creek, took home second prize ($1000) and Matt Hagy, a graduate student from Greensburg, Pa., came in third place ($500 prize).  Both Shaw and Hagy will also get interviews with the Cardlytics engineering team.

The six-hour competition took place Sept. 17 on the Georgia Tech campus, with 20 students participating.  The challenge was a closely guarded secret until the competition began. Competitors were asked to develop a guitar tablature generator that created every possible permutation from an input of 99 different musical chords.

They had to solve the problem by developing a working software prototype in any technology stack (e.g. Java, C#, C, C++, etc.).  The winners were chosen based on accuracy, speed of development, and implementation.

Cardlytics CEO Scott Grimes said: “As Cardlytics scales globally, we are always looking for great technologists. We created the IronCoder challenge as a fun way to introduce Cardlytics to the fantastic technical talent at Georgia Tech.”

Grimes added:  “We were thrilled at the level of response we received as well as the caliber of work turned in by the competitors.  Our sincere congratulations go to Nicola, Albert and Matt and we look forward to meeting all of them in the weeks ahead.”

Cardlytics is always on the look out for high–level technology professionals including software engineers, project managers, analysts and developers. A full list of current openings is available at http://www.cardlytics.com/about-us/careers/.

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