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Georgia senator wants to re-establish Milton County | News

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Georgia senator wants to re-establish Milton County

ATLANTA -- On Wednesday, Senator John Albers introduced a resolution that would allow for the recreation of Milton County. 

The resolution would separate Fulton county into three counties: North Fulton, South Fulton and Milton Counties. 

According to Albers, "Many years ago, Fulton County was three separate counties that merged during the great depression. Much has changed since the 1930's and the time is right for Milton County to rise again and provide responsible and accountable county government."

A constitutional amendment is required, in order to merge, consolidate or divide local governments. 

Sen. Albers' proposed constitutional amendment would allow counties to determine what type of government they wish to establish and how it should be funded. 

"The enormity of Fulton County government, which is larger than six U.S. states, has resulted in ineffective and inefficient service delivery," said Sen. Albers. "The creation of a smaller government will be more accountable to the residents and the remaining areas. North Fulton and South Fulton schools are also geographically split by a fragile Atlanta school system. Our students deserve better."