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Bear sightings have Johns Creek residents on edge | News

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Bear sightings have Johns Creek residents on edge

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. -- Nerves are rattled in several Johns Creek neighborhoods after numerous bear sightings were reported in the same area.

Authorities believe the same bear has been spotted several times.


Harriett Hughes was enjoying a quiet morning in her home when it was interrupted by an unlikely visitor.

"I heard this tingling noise and when I raised my eyes, there was the bear standing at the bird feeder," Hughes said.

Hughes grabbed her camera and snapped several pictures while her husband called police.


Wildlife officials say it was likely a black bear cub leaving the family den in search of new territory, which is quite common this time of year.

A bear was also spotted near the Jones Bridge Landing subdivision several times Monday morning, including by a police officer who captured it on his dashcam. The DNR says the bear was probably searching of a free meal, like trash, dog food or birdseed.

The Hughes have decided their birdfeeder has got to go, which is what the Department of Natural Resources recommends. They say the bears are not aggressive, just hungry. They say keep all food sources away from them and they will move on. They only try to trap a black bear if it gets aggressive, which doesn't happen unless they are fed.


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