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N. Fulton business owner has dispute with Johns Creek | News

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N. Fulton business owner has dispute with Johns Creek

JOHNS CREEK, GA (WXIA) -- A north Fulton business owner wants to park his stickered car near a busy intersection in Johns Creek, but city leaders say it is against the law, and hurts the appeal of the community.


The intersection at Jones Bridge and State Bridge roads in Johns Creek is one of the busiest in the area, but there are no signs that can be seen from the roadway in the area. One small business owner says the city and its sign limitations are hurting his business.

"This is how I get my business," said Zo Gilani," as he pulled his stickered car near the outer portion of the parking lot, near the busy street.

Gilani is the owner of PC EMT, a computer repair company in Johns Creek. He says his stickered car is his main source of advertising, but he says any time he parks his car near the busy street, he receives a warning from the city about a code violation.

"Any time I bring up any issue about any signage law, they tell me not to tell them how to do their job," Gilani said.

Btu the city says Gilani can park his stickered vehicle 70 feet away – just in front of his business, and not near the roadway.

"My main issue is not the law itself, it's more how they enforce the law," he said. "They don't enforce it across the board."

In an email from the city, they wrote, "A marked vehicle advertising a business next to a public right-of-way is not allowed."

They say so far this year, they have issued warnings to 10 other businesses for the same violation. One business was hit with a $372 fine.

"It's not like it's a horrible sticker," Gilani said. "It just has my name on it, my phone number on it, and it's not a big deal."

Customers support Gilani's business and say it's needed in the community.

"We hope he's using every means and manner he can to promote his business any way he can, so he can be resourceful and helpful to people like myself," said David Bugg. "The goals is to make sure Johns Creek abides by its motto, which is for business – currently, Johns Creek is not for business."

So far, Gilani, has only been given warnings, but the city says he could be cited.


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