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JOHNS CREEK: Black bear caught on camera outside home | News

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JOHNS CREEK: Black bear caught on camera outside home
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JOHNS CREEK: Black bear caught on camera outside home

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. -- As an avid hunter and wildlife lover, John McCormick has a  mounted this time lapse, motion sensor camera in his front yard on Mount Rushmore Drive.

He checks it every couple of weeks and often captures shots of deer.  Sometimes he gets a picture of a racoon or a fox, but never has he seen what he noticed in the most recent download to his computer.

A black bear.  A sizable black bear.

"I've got to say when I saw the first picture I did a double take," said McCormick.

In a series of five photos taken several minutes apart the bear seems unfazed by the camera.  It wanders around sniffing out its surroundings and even lies down at one point.

"He looks downright comfortable," joked McCormick.

Not as funny is the realization McCormick had when he looked closer at the time stamp and date of the bear photos.

It was the exact time he was holding a low country boil barbeque in his backyard for about 130 people.

"To think I was right there in the backyard along with all of those people.  He must have been attracted by the smell of the fish," said McCormick.

According to the Johns Creek Police Department several residents called in sightings of a bear.  Lieutenant Chris Byers now believes it was probably the same animal captured on McCormick's camera.

"We had several calls on Thursday and Friday of people saying they spotted a bear while they were driving around Johns Creek," said Lt. Byers.

Police said they contacted the Georgia Department of Natural Resources to see what if anything should be done with the bear if it is spotted again.

"They're suggesting we tell citizens do not approach it.  Treat it like you would any other wild animal. It appears the bear just wandered down the river basin into our habitat and he will eventually wander back out to his own habitat," said Lt. Byers.

To make sure the bear isn't tempted to stick around for another barbeque, McCormick said he and his wife will be doing their cooking inside for awhile.

News, Urban Wildlife

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